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New Construction Real Estate

Why have a Realtor Represent You when buying New Construction?


  • It is your right as a consumer-buyer, to have representation.
  • A common misconception when purchasing a new home is that buyers do not need someone to represent their best interests. They do! The on-site Agent is representing the Builder’s best interests, not yours. You are the on-site Agent’s customer, not client. The builder is their client. The level of responsibility is not the same.
  • Builders do not discount a home’s price because the buyer does not have Realtor representation.
  • Realtor representation for you, the buyer, of a new home in a new construction community is FREE.
  • Let your Realtor representative handle the “homework”…studying floor plans, builder incentives, included features, best location, and the builder’s reputation. “You don’t always get what you see.”
  • Turn over the incredible responsibility of securing your largest investment to an expert. An expert that will represent your best interests…an expert familiar with the area…an expert familiar with local and national builders…an expert that knows what questions to ask…an expert familiar with your rights as a consumer of Real Estate in the state of South Carolina.